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Important News
Hi All,
    VR-Networks has been running for almost 6 years, and has been hosting files and emails for users for the last 4 years of that for free.
    Unfortunately now this has to change, due to changes in situation and the current economical situation (well, not really but if everyone else is blaming the economy then so can I) I'm unable to host files and email for our current users. There's going to be a switch over sometime in the past few days which will prevent me running vr-networks as I currently do, Due to this I'm shutting down all services for users.

    All web pages have already been taken offline and redirected to this page, After the change I will keep everything else online until Friday 14th November, Please remove all files before this date. After this time all email,ftp and websites apart from this page will stop working. I will keep an archive of any websites for 6 months after which the tape will be reused and the data on it erased. I'm sorry I couldn't keep vr-networks going but It's been invaluable to me over the years and a great learning experience, I Shall miss it greatly.

    Sincerest regards,
      Robert A.K.A: 'VR'

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